Fit & Healthy Formula

Baseline Quake

Every body needs protein no matter how old you are. People From the age of 2–100 can benefit from the superior quality of Quick Quakes protein.

Pre Workout Formula

Foreshock Quake

The Foreshock Quake is designed to let you get the most from your workout. The specialized ingredients in this Quake allow you to get pumped and ready.

Weight Loss Formula

Tremor Quake

The Tremor Quake is designed to fill you up with healthy sources of fiber and protein while at the same time keeping you from wanting to snack or eat for several hours after you drink it.

Weight Gain Formula

Tsunami Quake

The Tsunami Quake is designed for people who are trying to gain healthy weight by increasing their caloric intake with more nutritious ingredients instead of sugar and fat.

Meal Replacement Formula

Awake Quake

The Awake Quake is like a complete meal in a cup. This Quake contains all of the components of a nutritious meal including Fiber and Vitamin C.

Rest and Relaxation Formula

Mellow Quake

The Mellow Quake contains specialized natural ingredients that have been combined to aid in rest and relaxation.

Stress Release Formula

Stress Quake

The Stress Quake is designed to relieve some of the stress that builds up in our lives by using natural ingredients such as MACA and GABA to synergize our bodies vital organ functions.

Jump-start Formula

Energy Quake

The Energy Quake is designed to give you a jolt of energy to keep you going. When you're feeling sluggish, this unique blend of ingredients provides just what you need.

Post Workout Formula

Aftershock Quake

The Aftershock is designed to help your muscles rejuvenate after a hard workout in the gym or from running/biking long distances.